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Bring the whole family and share a journey across generations — UnCruise Adventures welcomes kids from age 8 to 98 (and beyond!) to experience magical wilderness, wildlife, history, and cultures together.

Wisely noted by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” You'll find that the Family Discoveries program celebrates the curiosity and wonderment of kids-at-heart of every age. And while there aren't adult-free play zones and there are no babysitting services, everyone learns while having fun—think summer camp for the entire family.

The adventure and river cruises are a unique smorgasbord of activities where you will have opportunities for building family bonds and creating lifelong memories. Reconnect and discover.


Each vessel has its own unique personality, but all share a universal goal- to provide comfort and relaxation.

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Supporting communities & the environment through responsible practices, lessening environmental footprints.

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